It’s Easy to Manage Your JULY IRA

We’re here to make it easy for you to save for your retirement.

Choosing Your Investment Strategy

When your account is set up, you can choose between three strategies to manage your investments:

Keep the Lincoln Stable Value Fund

This is the default investment for your account. No action is required if you wish to retain this investment.

Manage Your Own Investments

You have access to a broad menu of investment choices professionally selected by top money managers.

To change your current investment:

  • Select “Change Investment Strategy”
  • Under the Manage tab on the top navigation bar
  • Then, click on the “I will choose my own allocation” icon

Get Professional Investment Advice

You have access to online professional investment advice services – with no additional fees.

To access investment advice resources:

  • Select “Change Investment Strategy
  • Under the Manage tab on the top navigation bar
  • Then, click “Get Advice

Log in to your JULY IRA:

View Your Balance

Manage Your Investments

Make Contributions

Rollover to Another IRA

Withdraw Money

Rollover to Another Employer Plan

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